CLSU’s SUMMER QUEEN 2016 (first ever)


To be held as the “first ever summer queen” was really an honor. It was a great experience for me because i did not imagine myself standing in front of a huge crowd exposing my body lol. But kidding aside. I wasn’t expecting this, i mean that i am the one who’s going to take home the crown. Because let’s be honest! There are girls who looks good than me, who answered the question better than me (or maybe i just picked the worst question that night) the Bible said “the best is yet to come” When i turned 17, i realized how dope my 2015 is. But now, realizing how my dreams are coming through.. the best is really yet to come. This wouldn’t be possible without the support of my uncle, and the whole fam! and of course kudos to my glam team.. to mama tam, kuya carlo, ate daniela and kuya bryan (who made my costume which i guess the reason why i won lol) and also, my classmates.. majoy, queenly, kristalie, maicah, poco, mylene, shanny and jano! ❤ I’m really overwhelmed because of the greetings i received after the pageant. And yeah, for those colleges who think that i am not deserving and their representatives are. Sorry but i have nothing to do with the judges.. and i think that it is not my fault anymore if i am the chosen one and it is also not my fault if i won. right? But btw, before i forgot. Thanks to my ate’s and kuya’s (co-candidates) who’s now my friend. Ate aella, ate she, kuya jude and kuya ramon! Thank you, G! 🙂


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